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EM Motorsport ltd

Established in 2003, EM Motorsport is a principal supplier of electronic safety devices, sensors & custom-built systems to the motorsport industry, and we are proud of our reputation for reliable, high-quality & innovative products.

EM Motorsport works closely with the FIA, championships & race circuits worldwide to deliver cutting-edge technology to continually improve safety in Motorsport.

EM Motorsport is pleased to continue to supply our award-winning marshalling system in Formula 1, GP2 & DTM.  With recent expansion of our products to new circuits and championships, we are looking forward to the future and the exciting challenges ahead.

High Tech

Supply our customers with technologically advanced, reliable products and highly qualified staff as support.

Bespoke products

Develop and sell custom-made electronic products for Motorsport applications with particular focus on sensors, control systems and software aimed for both the high end of the market and for low cost applications.


Continue to make technological improvements to our products and study new solutions towards increasing safety levels in Motorsport and promote safety in Motorsport not only for the cars and drivers but also for circuits and the marshals.


Actively collaborate with universities in order to maintain our position as suppliers of cutting edge technology.

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