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Car Modules

Surveillance Data Recorder (SDR), Accident Data Recorder (ADR) and vehicle positioning modules provide the best solution for racing and service vehicles to always be able to analyse, log and manage their conditions.

Marshalling System

Everything needed in race control to manage any situation with a clear, overall view of what is happening on the track.

Track Equipment

Light panels, starting light system, pit lights and sound advisers are now a must at every racing circuit. Our experience in Formula 1 has allowed EM to develop the best possible solutions.


EM Motorsport memberships

MIA – Motorsport Industry Association

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) is the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, performance engineering, services and tuning sectors. The MIA represents the specialised needs of this highly successful global industry as it undergoes continuing rapid development throughout the world.


Most Innovative Motorsport Product 2012

Race Tech Award

EM Motorsport are very proud to have been nominated for the ‘Most Innovative New Product’ at Race Tech’s Motorsport Symposium after the development of the Bragg Diffraction Sensor.

EM Motorsport’s revolutionary product combines Bragg’s law and fibre optic technology to allow up to 80 Bragg Fibre Grating sensors to measure real time strain along a whole surface, whilst being small and rugged enough for the motorsport environment.

Professional Motorsport World Expo 2009 Award

Professional Motorsport World Expo – 2009 AWARDS

EM Motorsport win the Award of the “Safety Initiative of the Year” at the Professional Motorsport World Expo 2009 for the Formula 1 Marshalling System.